IPhone 6: Revisited

The iPhone 6: a bigger, brighter, refined, elegant and ergonomic phone. The iPhone is designed to appeal to the customers for whom the iPhone 5S and its 4-inch screen now seem adorably antiquated. The iPhone 6 delivers a crisp 4.7-inch screen, improved wireless speeds, and bumped-up storage to 128 GB at the top end. Apple have designed the iPhone 6 exceptionally well, with curves and sleekness where it needs them And while the screen is the headline feature of the iPhone 6, there’s a lot more to it than that. There’s a brand new design, a much faster processor and the addition of iOS 8. Though, iOS9 beta will be released soon. Also, the Apple’s new music streaming music service has launched today!

There’s one feature that stands out, the one that most strongly makes the iPhone 6’s as presently the best smartphone on the earth: the camera. It shoots 8-megapixel images, but this time does so with a new sensor. It uses “focus pixels” to achieve phase-detect auto-focus, which is just incredibly fast on the iPhone 6. There’s 1GB of RAM which seems penurious compared to Android devices today, though we didn’t find this to be much of a problem. The fact that storage is not expandable is a constant frustration – iPhones are already expensive and it’s just painful to have to pay an extra amount over and above to use iPhone for it’s full potential.

Anyways, the Cons and Pros are here:
Pros: Excellent design, Improved battery, Great imaging, iOS is a great ecosystem for apps, games and content.
Cons: Limited Storage, No large screen optimization and yes of course – it’s pricey!

Conclusion: For a variety of reasons, from the camera to the hardware itself, the iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones on the market. Though the basics are still the same, but it definitely stands tall as the best iPhone ever.

Let us know your views on the iPhone 6 in the comments section below.

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A tech connoisseur from India, Bhavika studies Software Engineering. An ardent Android fan, diehard gamer, Bhavika on Androidios will be bringing you the latest Android news and reviews from the front line.

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One thought on “IPhone 6: Revisited

  • July 2, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    You have written it so well. I completely agree with the pros and cons, it describes iPhone perfectly.


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