YouTube Updates: Offline 144p download and more

YouTube updates to v10.28 improves Offline Download Dialog With 144p Video and many other features like cleaner UI, expands on upcoming video command.

The interface is now a bit more informative and uniform, and all above of that there’s a new low-quality option (which is actually a good thing).

Also its been revealed that some big improvements to the voice command interface has been in the works for a while. Further many other changes are also been included in this update.



The first is an updated naming convention for video quality, which abandons the “common” names (i.e. Normal and HD). This makes the options much more visually appealing since they won’t be displayed with different lengths in a jagged stack. YouTube’s engineers are also off the hook for making up (and translating) those common names for the various quality levels that may be added in the future. Of course, this means slightly less meaningful labels for users that don’t naturally comprehend video quality levels; but this is a pretty easy concept for people to adapt to, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

In terms of video quality, each quality level is now adorned with its size printed on the right side of the dialog. So there’s no need to play it safe by picking small videos as we’re afraid of the impact of a larger one, we now know exactly how much space we’re committing to.

Finally the 144p video quality for offline, now this is a good option for anybody that doesn’t care much about video, but needs to have the audio track, which describes a lot of music and podcast listeners. As users earlier had to download videos in 360p and videos size used to be almost double that compared from 144p, so this feature will save both data and memory for the users.

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