When WiFi gets smarter: WiFi Aware

WiFi Aware is a new technology that allows multiple WiFi devices to communicate with other nearby devices without needing an internet connection. The devices will always be broadcasting small amounts of information which will allow applications on other devices to pick up what is going on. For example a store could be pushing out coupons to those around it before making a regular WiFi connection or having the lights turn on the second you come home from work when you connect to your home WiFi.

Wi-Fi Aware comes at a time when demand for highly personalized mobile experiences is growing rapidly. Wi-Fi Aware makes contextual awareness more immediate and useful, enabling personalized applications that continuously scan surroundings, anticipate actions, and notify of services and selected preferences. Wi-Fi’s widespread implementation in mobile devices offers potential for vendors, operating system (OS) developers, and application makers to create innovative services based on proximity.
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Wi-Fi Aware is a way for devices and apps to scan their surroundings for other devices and apps they might want to connect to and exchange small messages before making a more solid Wi-Fi connection. Some uses suggested in a promotional video including:

  • Finding someone to play a game with on a subway train.
  • Finding neaby people to share photos with at a crowded concert.
  • Sending push notifications from a museum about an app that provides more information about exhibits and offers discounts at the gift shop.

As published by wi-fi.org:

Wi-Fi Aware improves on existing proximity offerings by delivering a truly here-and-now contextual awareness solution that works well indoors and in dense environments, without requiring a cellular, Wi-Fi, or GPS connection. The technology provides an easy on-ramp for a high-performance Wi-Fi connection and works at typical Wi-Fi range.

WiFi Aware products are not available yet, but Broadcom, Intel, Marvel and Realtek are already working on chips for future devices. It is expected that social networks could have applications with WiFi Aware out by the end of the year.

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