Watch-to-Watch Communication: Android Wear Update

A new update for Google Watch is coming with a couple of highly notable features. Google’s wearable OS will include direct watch-to-watch communication along with some new interactive watch faces. Purportedly, these features were due to arrive on July 28th, but are now not likely to appear until August.


Counting on the changes that will be made after update are as follow:

First, a basic change in the UI will allow users to perform a single tap on the device’s display, resulting in windows sliding in from the right. The Single Tap gesture can be used for everything from making aesthetic changes to the watch face and state changes to revealing more information and even launching an activity. Google is actively working on the update and should be launching an API for the new interactive watch faces in the coming weeks. For example, inside of an app, a tap could bring up new dialog for users to consume, such as health info via Google Fit. On the home screen, certain watch faces that are not yet released would allow for interaction. If a watch face shows weather, you could tap on it, then it will display different time zones, battery info, or other information. 

watch to watch

Talking about Watch-to-Watch update for Android Wear, Leaked Android Wear strings reveal that Google is working on a new feature named ‘Together’, it will bring the ability to share doodles and messages to fellow Android Wear users, just like on the Apple Watch. Beyond just doodles, we could see sharable Stickers, Emoji, and Photos.  There’s no mention of being able to send heartbeats to one another but rest of the above mentioned stuffs will be possibly be there. If the feature ever lands, of course.


Since the Android 5.1.1 update, the launcher on Android Wear can be activated by swiping from right to left and once Google brings out the next Android Wear update, this will be the only way to open the launcher.

What’s particularly confusing to the reporters is that this ‘Together’ feature is restricted to a single watch face. At least, that’s the way it appears. In other words, it hasn’t been developed as a system-wide user interface. Phandroid concedes that the information shown to them recently is fairly old and there’s no telling what Google has developed or changed since these initial workings.

Also, one final parting rumor is just for LG G Watch R owners—the next update will reportedly bring WiFi support to this watch after it was left out in the previous round of updates. So when is the update happening? According to Phandroid, it was originally scheduled for late this month, but now it’s looking more like an August release.

With the Apple Watch offering a credible alternative to Android Wear, the next version of Google’s wearable platform could be the most crucial in its development cycle yet. Features such as the single tap gesture and Together will offer additional features to improve the appeal of Android Wear but it remains to be seen whether this is enough to combat the impressive adoption of the Apple Watch.

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