Watch Vertical Videos Perfectly: YouTube Android

It was only yesterday that I got annoyed with those vertical videos while going through YouTube on my Android device,.Such an unpleasant experience it was but it all turned into a joy when I came to know that YouTube has tweaked Vertical Video problem.

The tweak is available in version 10.28 of the YouTube Android app, although its not sure when or even if the change is coming to iOS.

Instead of uselessly rotating the footage 90 degrees when you click full-screen, YouTube now actually expands the video to fill your phone or tablet’s display. As you can see with screen captures from this video, the new full-screen method (on the right) looks much better than the old way:


Previously, if you were watching a video on YouTube that was recorded in vertical mode, pressing the full screen button would result in an awful, landscape-oriented letter boxed format that wasn’t much better than the original. Now, going full screen will instead fill your phone’s frame (as seen above) in the proper orientation.

However Google has tweaked Vertical Video Watching experience on Android YouTube but sometimes you watch videos on Laptops, PC’s, TV’s etc. and they’re only horizontally oriented. So, avoid shooting vertical videos.

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