Spiffy: App Search Design Interface Update by Google

Spiffy, an App Search Design Interface Update by Google has made looking for apps quite interesting.


If you search for any app virtually and you add the word “app” at the end then you will get to a new grid layout above the normal layout. The colour of the box is determined by the app’s icon. If you click “More apps”, more apps will flow down.


You can also search the apps with the help of Google Now, the search assistant. For e.g.:- say “OK Google”, “Music Apps”,  all music apps will appear in this new grid style layout.

Previously, app search results displayed apps in a list that showcased a short description, a rating, the number of users who downloaded the app, and a button that shows the price of the app and links the user to the Play Store.

This new feature is a good one as it highlights the app icon by placing it in its own box, hence it becomes easy to read and also the boxes are of different colour so you can easily differentiate.

However if you want to search in regular manner, don’t worry you will get the list of results shown in their familiar blue listings below those grids.

Here’s a short video briefing this new interface update:

For the time being this feature is only available on Android Devices and will not work for Google Search on iOS.

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