Spark Profit: Real Money No Investment

Nous Global Markets is a London based company. They want to train the next generation of trading talent. They have announced the Indian version of ‘Spark Profit’ application recently. Spark Profit is a virtual trading game which is free to join, free to play and free to earn. Its interface is friendly and it is a highly realistic trading simulator which pays actual cash for correctly predicting financial markets (currencies, commodities, stock indices and Bitcoin).

The company wants to discover and nurture natural trading talent from around the world. The company aims to make financial markets more efficient and democratic, by making the financial markets accessible to everyone in the world.

Justin Short, the CEO and Founder of Nous Global Markets, commented on the announcement “We are delighted to bring this unique opportunity to India. This app helps people from all walks of life use their free time to have fun earning a little extra income”

It is extremely easy to get started. After signing up, they have a basic tutorial that explain how the app works. Then you can start playing by trying to predict the movement of 5 currency pairs:

  • USD/Japanese Yen
  • British Pound/USD
  • Euro/USD
  • Australian Dollar/USD
  • Bitcoin/USD

When you click on one of the pairs, it will take you to a graph of the movement of the pair for the year, but you can zoom in to see how things have been moving by the minute. Further when you collect 20k points, you will earn money and you can withdraw(min. 30$) it using Paypal or Bitcoin wallet.

Ready to earn some real money? Start now! Comment below for any questions or suggestions.

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