Your Signature Emoji: SwiftKey Beta for iOS

Your Signature Emoji, a new change made by the developers for the beta version of Swift key for iOS. Available as a beta for SwiftKey’s iPhone users, and coming soon for everyone, this feature takes advantage of SwiftKey’s knowledge base which gets continually updated as you’re typing away.


In brief, your signature emoji features tells which individual emoji you use, on average, more often than other people do. To view the emoji you use more often than other people, head to the Personalize section of the app, then select Typing Stats. It’s important to note that you must be a SwiftKey Cloud user to view the Your Signature Emoji stat. “Another way of describing this is we show you the emoji you over index for,” developers said. The new stats screen is available in the Personalize > Typing section of the new SwiftKey for iPhone beta.


You must be a SwiftKey Cloud user to access Your Signature Emoji. To enable SwiftKey Cloud, visit in-app settings where you can also delete your account and activate or deactivate the Backup & Sync or Personalization features.

Currently your Signature Emoji is available now for users of the SwiftKey beta on iOS and will rollout to the main version of the app at some point in the near future.

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