Samsung gets Patent on Foldable Tablet Display and Invisible Buttons

Samsung gets Patent on Foldable Tablet Display and Invisible Buttons

Last Year Samsung Applied for the Patent of Foldable Tablet display and this Year on July 7, Samsung got the Patent on Foldable Tablet Display and Invisible Buttons.


Samsung applied for both OLED and LCD foldable screens, size is near the same as Samsung’s Galaxy tablets. The circuit board for the LCD one is on the outside of each half, while with the foldable OLED it is integrated into the package, and bends together with the panel.

foldAlso Samsung was granted patent by USPTO which was for nearly-invisible virtual buttons. These are active areas situated near the edge of a touchscreen, Samsung thinks this could be used in many ways, for e.g., can be use to command the camera app etc. The so-called “sensor pads” can apparently be mapped to different functions, too, so imagine a back button that is constantly under the tip of your thumb on the side of the phone, without taking physical space below the screen, or a shutter button that doesn’t take away from the scene framing. The R&D departments keep inventing and patenting, so at some point we will see a variation of those materialize, hopefully not too much further down the road.

It won’t be too late now when we’ll be using devices with foldable screens and many other astonishing features both hardware and software.

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