News: Play Store Web Interface Update

If you’ve visited the Google Play Store from your desktop’s web browser today, you may have noticed a slightly retooled app/game listings page. Not everyone is seeing them just yet.

The new layout on the web Play store has a narrower main column with app info, and the similar app suggestions and other apps from the developer in a second column to the right. If your window is too small, that second column will move to the bottom, though. This means the content for the app you’re actually looking at will occupy less of the screen, which is sort of confusing at first.
Update: Looks like the +1 counter has also been moved to the very bottom with “Additional information.” It used to be at the top.

If you don’t have the new layout yet, just give it some time. Alternately, if the new store hasn’t been rolled out to your country yet, you can change Google Play country to see the new store. It looks like Google has finally settled on this. As with most things, I’m sure there will be discontent with the change at first. Eventually, we’ll all adjust.

Comment below to share your views on the update.

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