Kira Ring Light : Take Your Selfie To The Next Level

Japanese  Photographer Julie Watai has came up with an idea which  makes selfies possible during low light or indoors with  no source of light.

Smartphone manufacturers are regularly improving  front-facing shooters, but there is one issue surrounding them – lack of lighting.  The front facing camera-sensor is of no use until you are in a well-lit environment


Taking a step forward, Julie Watai has set out on a mission to create a portable ring light for smartphones; it is dubbed the “Kira” and Watai is seeking public funding to bring it to life.

The Kira takes inspiration from the ring flashes Watai  used to working with in her everyday career. Watai notes that a ring light “creates a powerful, beautiful skin effect and catch light in the eyes so that you can take a beautiful photograph.” The current design itself is the result of numerous prototypes and takes only 2 AAA batteries to operate. There is a cable attached for power in the prototype version, but the final design will rely wholly upon its internal batteries for power.





Compared to the one-directional flash which creates a striking lighting contrast, these ring lights will output a more even lighting effect. Ring flashes are used for displaying interesting effects if your subject is close to its background. You can simulate a halo-like shadow effect behind the subject. This illusion is caused by the direction of the light, which is set to shoot straight into the subject from a multi-directional source.

The estimated battery life and final weight of the unit are unknown, but its dimensions will be 90x90x30mm.

So, finally these questions will arrive to you. Do you want front facing flash? Will you go for Kira, a ring light or the one-directional one?

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