iPhone 6 Plus Review

Apple first time ever, launched a smartphone with 5.5-inches of display.Well that’s not a big thing to worry about for a die hard Apple fan but for some others it doesn’t make any sense after all its just iPhone 6 with bigger screen, is it?  But as compared to its counterpart iPhone 6 plus has a better battery but you have to shell out few more bucks for the same.


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Lets start with the screen itself, the bigger screen of iPhone 6 plus might not be a bad idea, because not only its big but is bright and has high-contrast with 401ppi of pixel density and 1080p of screen resolution so images, videos and text look more sharp and clear. Now, iPhone 6 plus is ultra thin, with just 7.1mm thickness, but its little heavy, weighing 172 grams. Camera is ultra fabulous, the iPhone 6 Plus has an 8MP rear camera, sensor with improved iSight and the ability to record in 240fps slo-mo, and it’s a very adept camera at that, with the larger screen providing a very good viewfinder without straying into tablet territory, and 2MP front camera is just outstanding for taking selfies. The curved aluminium sides and rounded corners feels better in the hand. The iPhone 6 Plus is a very accomplished device, and allows users to do things that they might not have been able on the iPhone 5S thanks to the increased grunt and larger screen size. The iPhone 6 Plus’s specifications might not look competitive on paper, but the real world is a different story altogether. This phone is screamingly fast and it doesn’t have any problem keeping up with Android flagships. The UI is fluid, apps load quickly, and performance is pretty much never a problem.

iPhone 6+


The iPhone 6 Plus is  a very good device in its own right, it just depends on whether you want your phone to have as large a display possible. With tweaks like optical image stabilization, it’s a really good device in its own right. It’s certainly not just a bigger iPhone 6.

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