iOS 9 Content Blocking Feature

iOS 9 Content  Blocking Feature is all more than an ad-blocker.

This new feature on iOS 9 will not only let you block unwanted ads but also lets you block “cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other content.” Blockers also promise to protect user privacy as well as reduce data usage (and therefore preserve battery life), while allowing you to focus only on the website content that’s important to you.


Content blocker will  provide a list of sites and scripts to the operating system for blocking. Instead of requiring the browser to process what to block as the page loads, which means it is performed on a system level before the page loads which increases speed significantly.


Many websites utilize so-called ‘third-party trackers’ to enable advertising, analytics and other marketing tools to show visitors advertisements.

These tools gather information as you browse the internet to try and show you ads that are relevant to your habits, but often add extra weight that slows down site performance dramatically, increasing load times and causing the browser to sometimes become unstable.

However, Content blockers in early development, like Crystal and Purify, also block companies which provide marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Parsely, Chartbeat, Intercom, Optimizely and more from operating on websites. That means there could be a crisis for marketing tools on the horizon if content blockers gain any sort of traction on iOS. There are hundreds of popular tools that marketing professionals use that could simply cease to be useful if mobile users disappears.

And what if you want to ope some data or info which is blocked by the Content blocking feature?


Don’t worry about that as there is a feature that lets you long-press on the reload button to load the site again without the content blocker running.


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