Google Play Services 7.8: With New Cool Features

Google Play Services 7.8 update rolled out on August 13 with some new cool features.


The Update brings brings some new APIs for developers which includes the release of Nearby Messages, Mobile Vision API, as well as Google Cloud Messaging, and the SDK is now available for developers to download.


Also down here are some additional details on what’s new:

  • Nearby Messages: Nearby Messages introduces a cross-platform API to find and communicate with mobile devices and beacons, based on proximity. Nearby uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an ultrasonic audio modem to connect devices.


  • Mobile Vision API: The Face API allows developers to find human faces in images and video. It’s faster, more accurate and provides more information than the Android FaceDetector.Face API.  It can find faces in all orientations and single out specific parts of the face, including seeing if you’re smiling. The Barcode API allows apps to recognize barcodes in real-time, on device, in any orientation. It supports a range of barcodes and can detect multiple barcodes at once.


  • Google Cloud Messaging: Google Cloud Messaging has expanded notification to support localization for Android. GCM will handle displaying the notification based on current device locale, which saves you having to figure out which messages to display on which devices. It will feature high and low priority messages in the next version of Android.


And if you are an Android developer, be sure to grab the latest version of the SDK so that you can  implement the new APIs and features in your app.

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