Google Maps Update: Now see your travel history add Custom Names for places

Google Maps app on Android has been updated to the latest v9.12.0.

The update rolled out introduces a new “timeline” option in the slide-out menu where earlier“Explore nearby”option used to be. Selecting this show a very detailed view of your travels, plotting out locations and places on a map, how much time you’ve spent there, and even photos you took while there. This will be helpful to users if they are unable to remember the location of a new restaurant  they visited, ATMs or something along those lines.


The Timeline is a new feature for mobile that allows users to browse their Google Maps location history. Location history has been available on the desktop site for some time and was in the Android version until it was removed in 7.0, but now it’s back. The best part is that Your Timeline is designed for users only which means it can’t be shared via any social network or other person. Furthermore, the user is given control over the locations Your Timeline will keep, and so users don’t have to worry about any incriminating records being kept without their knowing.


The update also makes it possible to edit the name of a place you find via Maps. If you tag something, it’ll start showing up in Google Maps if you’re logged in. Just press on the map somewhere so a place card pops up, then hit the overflow button in the upper right. You’ll see an “Edit Name” button, which will jump right to the text field. Amazing that with all the blank white space on a place card they didn’t make this a button. Earlier you could just put starts to the places to which the new update is quite better.


So, enjoy naming the cities of your kingdom ;).

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