Android Wear Now Works for iOS!

Android wear is all about fitness goals, styles and Fashion. When you wear something all day long you want options and now Android wear officially supports iOS. If you want your watch to look more realistic and less like a gadget then go Google!

Android Wear for iOS launched on this Monday to bridge the gap between Google’s smartwatch platform and Apple’s iOS hardware.

Some plus points:

  • The Apple Watch starts at $349 for the 38mm sport version. That’s not bad, but if money is tight, you could take a look at the Moto 360, which starts at $149.
  • Unlike the Apple Watch, you can set the screen on Android Wear to stay on all the time.
  • There Will Be A Wider Range To Choose From.

    Android Wear will maintain “the promise Apple offers of a great experience, because there’s now an Apple-approved Android Wear app,” gartner pointed out. Anyways with an Android Wear watch on iOS, iPhone owners will be able to view notifications, track fitness goals, access “OK, Google” voice search and Google Now cards. But there are a few limitations. Apple’s App Store rules disallow a third-party app store on the iPhone.

    Enjoy the new Android wear and iOS handshake! Comment below.

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