Top 10 Productivity Apps for Android

Productivity apps are important and help users increase their efficiency at work.These apps are used for making worksheets, managing PDFs and many more. Here’s a lowdown on the Top 10 Productivity apps for Android in 2015.

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Raeder

Developer: Adobe
The most popular and trusted app for viewing, storing, modifying PDFs. It has many interesting features like annotating, reviewing, printing PDFs. You can even fill and sign forms.


2. Google Drive

Google Drive

Developer: Google Inc.
Google drives allows you to save your data like pictures, videos, docs, contacts, texts etc. online so that you can easily access it from anywhere around the world with any digital platform all you’ll be needing is a data connection and this app.


3. Dropbox


Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
Similar to Google drive, as it also saves your all data and you can access it from anywhere around the globe. Only difference is that you can get benefit of this app without even creating an account. You can even send large files without any email attachments.


4. Evernote


Developer: Evernote Corporation
Evernote app is used to sync. your data between all of your devices. It is used to organize your documents in a proper manner, you can take notes, organize articles, keep office docs and many more.


5. Trello


Developer: Trello, Inc.
You are working for an organization as a freelancer or you yourself are the one giving interns and want to manage the team,
app you should go for. Trello allows you to keep track of your and co-workers job, allows you to update your work status, can get to know who’s working on that topic etc.


6. LastPass Password Manager

Last Pass

Developer: LastPass
These days every site you join, you are surrounded with the problem of remembering passwords, next day you login you click on forget password and this keeps happening. Hurray! now no need to worry because LastPass is here. It is a password manager which allows you to save passwords, login, helping you generate passwords and etc. The only password you need to remember is LastPass’ password.


7. Pocket


Developer: Read It Later
Pocket app is basically used for reading and managing different articles from the internet. You can save videos and other web contents too. It has an optimized easy-to-view experience for your devices, even offline. The best thing, you get unlimited storage, no restriction, isn’t it cool?


8. Any Do

Any Do

Any Do is an to do list or you can say a task list app. It is a simple app which makes your life smooth by organizing everything in one place. You can sync. it with web, it has gesture support reminders, you can share task and many more. So just create a task list and relax.


9. Air Droid

Air Droid

Developer: SAND STUDIO
By the help of Air Droid you can manage your android device from Windows, or from internet. You can transfer data from android to your Windows, Mac without any cable. And if you lost your android, you can swipe all your data, all your data will be protected.


10. Mailbox


Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
Got too many of mail accounts,  finding difficult to manage, just download the app and feel free from any issues. It is fast, user-friendly. Currently its available on Gmail and iCloud Platform only. Many other features include Auto-Swipe, Snooze Mail etc.
Its UI is very delightful, just give it a chance.

Leave a comment below if you found this list useful or if you think other apps should be added to this list.

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