Pushbullet Update: Makes Messaging Simpler

You can now quickly reply to a text from your computer by just clicking on the notification on your PC. This’ll open a little window for your reply — it’s that easy.

PushBullet can be thought of as stripped-down email: you can shoot files, photos, links, and even text copied to your computer’s clipboard to yourself or any other inhabitant of your contact list.

Sending a message now only requires tapping the intended recipient’s name from within the app, pecking out your text, and hitting the “send” button. And for replying to their eventual response, there’s now a new, dedicated text box with options for attaching files and photos. Working with messaging apps has enabled to ensure Pushbullet can even handle multiple conversations with different people all happening at the same time. It works amazingly well.

The PushBullet team’s coordinating the update’s rollout now, for — the iOS, Android, browser extensions, and Windows client are available now. You might not see the update right away and Mac OS X users will have to hang tight for now. The good things come slow but last long and the new PushBullet, is a really, really good thing. It will make your life simpler in the ways you can’t imagine. On the desktop, Pushbullet now lets you see your history and make sharing links in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

To learn How to use pushbullet for syncing all your device try this: Lifehacker

Check this out in action:

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