Android: Saving Battery life

Battery is one of the biggest part of a smartphone, it’s responsible for everything we do using our devices. But the problem is it drains faster then we expect always. No matter how expensive the device is, or how much you try saving it. Let’s see what drains battery and what can help saving it.

Yes! Darkness is the key for saving battery for AMOLED screens, they illuminate the colored pixels. Black pixels are unlit, so the more black pixels you have, or the more darker pixels, the less battery you need to light them up. So using dark themes, dark wallpaper and everything darker is better.

No auto-brightness
Of course, it looks simpler to set everything auto, but everyone knows auto brightness is more bright then we actually need. Hence, drains extra battery. So, set it for your eyes manually.

Until unless you are not a reader you don’t need the screen time-out to be more than 15 seconds. Lowering the time-out also adds a plus to your precious battery.

Lock-screen Notifications
Notifications on screen is all about goodies. It saves battery, saves your time and makes things easily accessible. Until unless you don’t need too much privacy. This one is for you.

Most of the developers update the apps for memory and Battery optimization. Always stay updated to stay on the best versions of the app.

Say No to “Auto-Sync” its a pure battery drainer. Simpler things aren’t all about good. You don’t need to sync every picture/video, most of the pictures and videos are to be deleted and belong to trash. So take time to sort out what you want to keep, what not and sync when you are done.

The Apps that drain-Facebook, Spotify and Samsung’s Security Policy Update are among the worst sinners for draining data and battery from your Android phones, according to a new AVG report.

Follow our tips and tricks and let us know your ideas for saving battery in the comments below.

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